“You helped us communicate with a broad audience through our public speaking and webcasts. You invested a lot of time understanding our organization. Your coaching was practical, insightful and a tremendous value. Absolutely wonderful!”
– Mark Price, Vice Chairman, Principal & Owner, Deloitte Consulting


Our group programs can take on many different formats and durations and are conducted at your location. We offer comprehensive small group on-camera programs ranging from one to two days as well as what we call “crash courses” which are often ideal for large conferences where you may be short of time. Please page down to learn more about these programs or just give us a call.


Proud Simply Speaking® Graduates

Through demonstrations, experimentation, multiple on-camera presentations, candid real-time feedback and award-winning battle-tested coaching, your group learns to deliver clear, concise, and utterly compelling presentations. There are no dull lectures in this hands-on workshop and we share Disney’s philosophy that “laughter and learning are not enemies.” This creates an environment where your group feels safe experimenting with new approaches. The results are obvious, measurable and literally speak for themselves.

Participants are quickly on their feet and on camera delivering relevant presentations, prepared prior to arrival, and leading sit down client discussions where both excellent presentation and listening skills are essential. This establishes a baseline upon which we build immediately applicable skills. David models numerous techniques and best practices for preparing and delivering winning presentations and builds upon each person’s strengths and personality so that everyone excels quickly and comfortably. Each person presents multiple times, and with each presentation, incorporates new skills, receives more in-depth coaching, and experiences greater success.

Some of the Areas Often Covered Include How To:

  • Look and feel confident and competent in front of any audience
  • Capture and maintain the attention and interest of listeners
  • Craft and convey messages that are clear, concise and compelling
  • Organize material for best flow and maximum impact
  • Create captivating openings that make people want to pay attention
  • Provide the right content, not a data dump
  • Spice-up dull presentations and get rid of “boring”
  • Convey your value proposition and leverage your differentiators
  • Think quickly on your feet and look calm under pressure
  • Share stories that pull-in listeners and increase retention
  • Master question-and-answer sessions and win-over tough audiences
  • Incorporate appropriate humor to drive home serious points
  • Integrate effective visual aids and avoid Death by PowerPoint™
  • Eliminate “ums,” “ahs,” “you knows” and other distracting habits
  • Speak with a voice of authority and commanding body language
  • Engage, inspire and inform/persuade with resounding success
  • Project world-class, commanding executive presence
  • Influence your listener’s thinking and increase sales –
    Forget your title, we’re all in sales™

To reinforce and continue learning, participants receive personal action plans for continued success, access to David, videos of their presentations, feedback, and coaching, Simply Speaking® rapid presentation planners, wallet reference cards, David’s best-selling books, Simply Speaking!® The No-Sweat Way to Prepare and Deliver Presentations, How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint!™, and How to Conduct Incredibly Productive Meetings, as well as a two-year subscription to the Simply Speaking!® presentation strategies newsletter.

Follow-up is essential and we’ll conduct a remote session within 30 days, where participants share successes, ask questions, and continue raising the bar. Optionally, intensive private coaching is available, both in-person and remotely.

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David coaches a workshop participant

When your time is limited or your group is large, a Simply Speaking® World Class Presentations “Crash Course” may be the perfect solution. During this fast-paced, fun, and completely hands-on program, David guides your group every step of the way as they learn to prepare and deliver world-class presentations that connect with today’s often distracted listener. There are no dull lectures and we share Disney’s philosophy that “laughter and learning are not enemies.” This creates an environment where your group feels safe experimenting with new approaches.

David knows that we learn best by doing, so while he demonstrates battle-tested best practices and immediately applicable techniques, participants work in small teams to complete our proprietary Simply Speaking® Rapid Presentation Planner™ and craft relevant, real world presentations. This time is invaluable for honing your group’s skills and serves as a great team builder.

David moves about the teams providing on-the-spot coaching to ensure the presentations will be top-notch. Next, it’s “show time.” Depending on your group size, some or all of the teams deliver their presentations to the entire group and receive peer feedback as well as David’s award-winning battle-tested feedback and coaching in a manner so that everyone learns from the experience.

By the end of the program, your group knows exactly what it takes to deliver knock-your-socks-off presentations, and each participant creates a personal action plan for continued growth. To reinforce learning, each participant receives our proprietary Simply Speaking® presentation planners, wallet reminder cards, a two-year subscription to the Simply Speaking® communication strategies newsletter and, optionally, David’s best-selling books, Simply Speaking! The No-Sweat Way to Prepare and Deliver Presentations and How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint!

“Crash Course” programs typically range from one and a half to four hours. Optionally, intensive private coaching is available, both in-person and remotely.

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