The first video is an excerpt from David Greenberg’s online coaching session with a rising executive. As more and more of our clients are presenting online, this is a skill they must master. The next few videos beneath that one are excerpts from David’s programs at the National Speakers Association convention for professional speakers. David is one of few professional speakers and coaches to earn the respect of his peers as a coach talented enough to coach other professional speakers. All videos are posted with permission from the participants. Contact us to discuss your situation and to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Online Coaching for A Rising Executive:

On-The-Spot Quick Coaching:
Questions vs. Statements

On-The-Spot Quick Coaching:
Pacing and Pausing

How Much Do People Remember?

Gain Attention With A Story

PowerPoint Quick Makeover

David Uses Humor and Interaction in HIS Speech

David Volunteers to Help Disadvantaged Youth Around the World to Become Confident Presenters and Leaders