“David has enabled me to create clear, impactful presentations and deliver them in a very engaging way that connects with my audience. The results for my career and my business, and what I’m able to motivate people to do, have been simply phenomenal!”
– Chuck Raup, President, US, The Hershey Company


David Greenberg (left) Prepares a Client for an Important Sales Presentation

Private coaching sessions can take on many different formats and durations, are designed for presenters at all skill levels, and can be provided at your location or ours or via online meetings.

We take the time to truly understand what is important to you and how we can measure and monitor your success. If appropriate, we’ll review previously recorded presentations, utilize online assessments to identify your perceived communication strengths and weaknesses, and, with your permission, solicit feedback from your selected colleagues about your communication effectiveness.

David (right) Celebrating His Client’s Successful IPO and Closing Bell Speech

Because the time is dedicated solely to you in our private sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to polish all the details that can make all the difference. When we meet, you’ll receive an honest and constructive assessment of your skills and a blueprint for success. Through strategic planning, demonstrations, simulations, and award-winning battle-tested coaching, you’ll gain precisely what you need to meet the demands of your important communication situations. We’ll build upon your natural strengths and personality so that you excel quickly and comfortably.

Some of the areas frequently covered include how to:

  • Present like a pro — in-person or online
  • Appear confident, competent and credible in front of any audience

    David Coaches a Client for Her Company Conference Presentation
  • Capture and maintain the attention and interest of your listeners
  • Craft and convey messages that are clear, concise and compelling
  • Spice-up dull presentations and get rid of “boring”
  • Organize your material for best flow and maximum impact
  • Facilitate and lead meetings so that people look forward to attending
  • Connect and inspire employing the art of executive storytelling
  • Convey your value proposition and leverage your differentiators
  • Think quickly on your feet and look calm under pressure
  • Master Q&A sessions and win-over tough audiences
  • Incorporate effective visual aids and avoid Death by PowerPoint™
  • Integrate appropriate humor to drive home serious points
  • Eliminate “ums,” “ahs,” “you knows” and other distracting habits
  • Use body language and voice techniques to “own the room”
  • Project world-class commanding executive presence
  • Read your audience and speak to their needs and listening styles
  • Provide the right content without doing a data dump
  • Influence your listeners’ thinking and increase sales —
    Forget your title, we’re all in sales™

You’ll receive video recordings of your sessions to review and reinforce your learning, and together, we’ll create step-by-step action plans for your continuous improvement. You’ll also receive our proprietary presentation planners, wallet reminder cards, a subscription to the Simply Speaking® communication strategies newsletter, and David’s books, Simply Speaking!® The No-Sweat Way to Prepare and Deliver Presentations, How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint!, and How to Conduct Incredibly Productive Meetings.

Contact us and let’s have a conversation about your needs and how we can help you.